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How did he get this way? How can I tell if he is getting better? Can I ever trust him again? What do I do now? The Betrayal & Beyond Workbook was designed to answer these questions and more. Created to be experienced in a group setting, this resource provides valuable tools, biblical wisdom, and testimonies by courageous women who found hope, help, and encouragement through their personal journey.

The Betrayal & Beyond Journal is a companion resource that promotes the daily commitment to self-care and health. It provides tools vital to one’s healing and reinforces the importance of facing loss and processing anger and hurt. As you journal through this journey, you will see how God can do beyond what we can even think or dream.

This collection of Stories for Women provides a unique approach to understanding the way sexual addiction impacts individual lives. Women from all seasons of life have taken on the challenge of writing their inspirational stories. Each has courageously chosen to take back what the enemy has stolen from them.

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