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Dr. Mark Laaser, M.Div.,Ph.D.


Dr. Mark Laaser, M.Div.,Ph.D. and Debbie Laaser, MA, LMFT began their journey in the field of sexual addiction in 1987, when Mark was intervened on for his own sexual addiction. After completing in-patient treatment and early intensive counseling, Mark began working with Dr. Patrick Carnes, the founder of the field of sexual addiction, at Golden Valley Health Center in Golden Valley, Minnesota. This work led to the publication of his first book that was called The Secret Sin, then renamed Faithful & True,  which has been revised and is now titled, Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction, in its 19th printing.

In 1992, Mark left Golden Valley and, together with his wife, Debbie, founded Mark Laaser Consulting, which was later renamed Faithful and True Ministries. Mark began to travel around the country speaking, teaching, and consulting with various hospitals and organizations. This work led to the publication of seven more books, including Talking to Your Kids About Sex and The Pornography Trap.

Dr. Mark’s original counseling practice was opened in 1995, and steadily grew to become a full-time practice serving sexually broken men. In 2000, the Laasers began support groups for men, their spouses and couples. In 2004, Debbie Laaser transitioned from the company that she had owned for 20 years and began working full-time with Mark at their counseling center.

In May of 2005, Mark and Debbie Laaser moved into their counseling center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Additional therapists have joined them at Faithful & True, offering counseling services for individuals and couples. Faithful & True’s serene environment offers a safe place for gentle, effective healing and growth – a vision of the Laasers for many years.

In February of 2008, Debbie’s book, Shattered Vows, was released providing help and hope for women struggling with sexual betrayal or addiction in their relationships. Later in 2008, The Seven Desires of Every Heart, co-authored by Mark and Debbie, was released by Zondervan Publishing. The paperback edition is now available under the title, Seven Desires. Mark and Debbie Laaser travel around the country and the world, speaking and teaching about relationships, sexual purity, and the impact of The Seven Desires.

In 2012, Faithful and True Ministries re-branded its company name as Faithful & True. With Mark and Debbie Laaser having written over fifteen books on the subject of sexual addiction, Faithful & True is widely considered one of the leading Christian Sexual Addiction treatment center in the country.

Their intensive workshops for men, their spouses and couples are widely considered “life changing” by those who attend. Faithful & True is transforming lives, rebuilding trust in relationships, and leading the way in Christian treatment of the modern day epidemic known as sexual addiction.

Dr. Mark brings decades of experience to TurnBack and will help oversee our clinical counseling team. He will also consult our Board of Directors and Executive Team as to the direction the ministry as a whole goes. We are very grateful for his commitment to TurnBack and to the people we will come along side of as they fight for freedom from sexual addiction. 

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