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After years of publishing resources for men who struggle with sexual addiction, Pure Desire published Eight Pillars to Freedom from Love Addiction & Sexual Issues for women who struggle in these areas. Eight Pillars to Freedom is designed to help bring healing to women who have experienced love/sexual addiction and whose behaviors have led to destructive lifestyles. Each pillar will bring biblical truth and life competencies that will give women the opportunity to re-build their lives in a way that releases healing, freedom, and glory to God.

The Eight Pillars to Freedom Journal includes three essential tools for maintaining health during this journey toward recovery: the Commitment to Change, FASTER Relapse Awareness Scale, and Group Check-in. Although these tools will be explained in greater detail throughout the course of this study, this resource is intended to empower women to proactively take charge of our healing, enhance our learning, and deepen the connection we have with our Heavenly Father and others.

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