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Online Recovery Groups

Online Recovery Groups

Being physically present in a local recovery group is always prefered, but we also know that sometimes there are just not any groups within driving distance of where you are. Unfortunately, we have seen too many people not get the help they need because of this, so the online recovery groups at TurnBack are a great alternative when a physical group is not close to you. 

We have sexual addiction recovery groups for both men and women utilizing the Pure Desire family of curriculum including the Conquer Series and 7-Pillars of Freedom for men and the Conquer Series and 8-Pillars to Freedom for women.  


We also have the Betrayal & Beyond group for the wives of men who are either currently caught in sexual bondage or who have been in the past.


Hope for Men is the curriculum for men whose wives have had affairs or are caught in sexual sin.


Stories for Women is a bible-study type group in which wives start to discover that there are other women who have gone through what they are going through with their husbands addiction and who found hope and healing for their marriage. And Stories for Men is a bible-study type group where men hear the stories of other men who have gone before them and have found freedom from their addictions. 

All of our online groups are led by men and women who have battled through their own addiction or betrayal and have found freedom and healing in Jesus Christ. These leaders have been there and know exactly how you are feeling which really helps them lead you through the curriculum in a way someone who hasn't been there could not do. Between the leaders own story and being in community with others who are experiencing the same struggles that you are, you will find that you have true partners in the battle for freedom and healing. 

Don't struggle with the pain alone! Reach out and find your battle buddies in an online group from TurnBack Ministries! Please fill out the form below to get the process started- TODAY! 


Click the icon of the group below for more information on that particular course and to purchase the materials.


7 Pillars of Freedom


8 Pillars of Freedom


Conquer Series


Betrayal & Beyond


Hope for Men


Stories for Men


Stories for Women

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