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My Personal Covenant- Online Groups

I have received, read, understood and am in agreeance with the Online TurnBack Groups New Member Handout. In that handout are the following pages and statements:

  • Our Core Values

  • Group Format

  • Group-Time Expectations

  • Feedback Description

  • Memo of Understanding

  • Covenant to Contend

  • My Personal Covenant

I am in full agreeance with all the pages and statements listed above, and I hereby commit myself to adhering to and following all of the requirements for attending a online group at TurnBack Ministries outlined in the TurnBack online groups New Member Handout. By clicking the "agree" box and digitally signing below, I am indicating that I have read and that I fully understand the “My Personal Covenant” page, and I am in full agreeance with the statements found there and also on the Covenant to Contend and Memo of Understanding pages. I understand the time commitment required for group attendance and for completing the weekly homework, and I agree that I currently have, or will make the time available for those.

I agree with all of the statements in the "My Personal Covenant" section and agree to abide by all group requirements

Thanks for submitting!

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