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November Ministry Update

Greetings friends! I hope this finds you still feeling blessed after remembering all the things from this last year that we have to be thankful to our Lord for. There is so much that He does for us that always keeps me amazed!

Since my last email to you, God has done some really great things. The most exciting is that after a year of planning, we had our Pure Desire University conference at Grace Church over the weekend of November 10th and 11th. It was an amazing weekend where over 250 people attended and learned about sexual addiction and that there is freedom from it that can be found in Christ. After the conference completed, I had over 10 men contact me and confessed that they are struggling with that addiction and are ready to get help and begin the process of fighting the enemy for their freedom. A few wives also reached out and wanted to get plugged into our support groups for wives of husbands who are caught in bondage. I am so very excited at what I am seeing God doing in these lives as a result of coming to the conference. Please be in prayer for these men and women as they are at the beginning of what promises to be one of the most difficult periods of time that they will ever go through.

As I move into a new year, I am working to refine what my ministry will look like. After praying it over and talking with my mentors, these are the areas that I will be focusing on the most: -My volunteer position with Pure Desire Ministries as a Regional Group Leader. I work with Churches in my 8-State region and help them work through the process of establishing purity programs for their men and women. I conduct leadership training and offer ongoing support to them once the groups are up and running. -My volunteer position with Grace Church as the director of the Pure Desire program there. We have multiple different groups that meet 4 days a week and currently serve around 150 men and women. My role is to head up the Pure Desire leadership team, individually speak with each guy who signs up to be in a group, conduct leadership training, conduct outreach to other area churches and keep our ministries connected, plan special events throughout the year and speak at various events, groups and classes at Grace. -My own personal ministry where I speak at mens groups or conferences around the Untied States pertaining to pornography, sexual addiction, human trafficking, establishing mens purity ministries and other related topics. I have done various different radio shows and podcasts where I share my story with the listeners and speak on different topics such as the connection between pornography and human trafficking, finding Gods grace in the midst of an addiction, strongholds and others. The goal is to find men who need help and churches who wish to establish groups. I also meet one on one with and mentor various different men who are in crisis over their addictions.

There is unfortunately no shortage of men who are lost in their addictions who need help and who need to find Jesus Christ for the first time. As I look at the large number of men that the Lord has sent my way and the tremendous amount of impact the ministries at Pure Desire and Grace Church are having, I have felt the Lord leading me to expand my vision of going into ministry part time while I still work part time to looking at committing to going into ministry on a full-time basis once I achieve the proper amount of support. This leading has been confirmed to me by multiple different men approaching me individually at separate times and telling me they believe I should consider doing it full time. God has raised up some faithful supporters over the last couple of months since my first email, but I have a ways to go before being able to go full time. As I look at raising full-time support, this is where the monthly support will go to: -Help cover essential monthly family expenses -Cover travel expenses as I go to churches to help them start the process of developing purity ministries -Cover travel expenses for me to travel to speak at churches, conferences and mens groups -Cover expenses of one-on-one ministry with men who are in crisis (travel, printing material to leave with them) -Help with expenses that arise as I start the process of writing my first book

At this point, I will need to raise $3,000 per month in order to go to full time status in ministry. I am so excited at the doors that God is opening and with the people that have already stepped up to support me, but as I said earlier, I have a long ways to go but am trusting that God will provide! I am in the process of aligning with a faith-based 501c3 charity that my monthly donations can go through so my supporters can receive tax credits for their donations. I hope to have more information on that in my December update to you at the end of December.

Would you please prayerfully consider becoming a financial support partner of mine? If you are feeling led to support me financially, you can do so here:

One-time gifts are greatly appreciated, but the ongoing monthly support will be the key to keeping this ministry moving forward. You will receive monthly updates sharing what God is doing and where your support was used over the last 30 days. I know all too well that money is usually tight, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sacrifice on behalf of the guys who will find the hope that they so desperately need in Christ; many of whom will find Him for the first time. If you have any questions at all or would just like to talk further, please call me on my personal cell below. Thank you also again for your prayer support! I could not do any of this without that. May God richly bless you!

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