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Where Hope for Healing is Renewed

A residential treatment and recovery program offering both short and long-term

tracks for people caught in sexual addictions 

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Are you sick of trying over and over again to quit this addiction with no success? Do you have web filters and accountability software installed on all of your computers and mobile devices but continue to find ways around them? Have you gone though groups that didn't offer the appropriate tools to help you find freedom or you didn't have the self-discipline to do what you were supposed to do? 

The TurnBack Ranch is designed for men (and in the future, a separate location for women) who have tried multiple times to break free from pornography, physical sexual activity outside of their marriage or before marriage, various fetishes, unwanted same-sex attraction, chronic masturbation or other unhealthy sexual behaviors, with no success. For a variety of reasons including material that does not properly address the neurochemical, psychological and spiritual aspects of an addiction, no connection with a group, inadequate accountability with another man or they were in a group but were simply not doing the things they needed to be doing to truly find freedom, men fail at their attempts to break free.


The Ranch will be situated in a rural location that "removes" the guy from the distractions of the world and allows them to live in community with other men and focus on their recovery together. Each man will do an initial intake to learn more about their story and what issues they are presenting with upon entering. Once they are accepted into the program and their journey starts, they will be assigned into a small group (6-7 guys) which is led by their small group leader and they will live together in their own cabin throughout the course of their stay at the Ranch. Each man will also be assigned to their own clinical counsellor that will set the guys unique course of treatment which is specific to their situation and will visit with them at least twice per week. Their small group leader is also a trained biblical counsellor and will dig deep into God's word with each guy individually twice per week as a follow-up to their clinical counselling sessions. All sessions in the long-term program will revolve around the 7-Pillars of Freedom Curriculum from Pure Desire Ministries and the Conquer Series for the short-term (12-week) program. The guys will also participate in adventure therapy and animal assisted therapy together with their small group. 

Please click below for a more detailed description of our short and long term programs and the different programs and therapy types we use at The Ranch. The Ranch is in the initial planning stages and we hope to have it ready to roll in early 2020. To be placed on the waiting list, please click the "Admission Waiting List" link below. 

Short Term Program

12-week programs for men who struggle with

unhealthy sexual behaviors

Long Term Program

9-month residential program for men who are caught in sexual addiction and have not been successful in breaking free

Types of Therapy

The types of treatment programs we use in both out short and long-term tracks.

Animal Rescue

Part of the TurnBack treatment program where program participants are assigned a rescued animal to care for with our veterinary staff. Their animal is used in their animal assisted therapy.

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